General Orthopedics Care

Orthopedic Care

img-general-orthopedics.fwIf you are in the market for top-notch orthopedic care, look no further than Paris Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Our team of knowledgeable providers is committed to helping our patients achieve joint health, muscle health, bone health, and more. No matter your condition or injury, Paris Orthopedics will be with you every step of the way. So whether you are suffering from a sprain, fracture, or arthritis, we’ve got you covered.

Areas of Specialty

At Paris Orthopedics and Sports Medicine we have 7 knowledgeable providers on staff. Each of our providers are experts in the field of orthopedic medicine. The expertise of our providers allows us to offer a wide array of general orthopedic services tailored to fit the unique needs of each individual patient. Our areas of speciality include:

Our Process

If you are suffering from joint pain, pulled muscles, or other bone and muscle related injuries, let the expert providers at Paris Orthopedics and Sports Medicine help. Our providers will meet with
you one on one to determine the cause of your pain. This is done through a both a physical examination and a thorough evaluation of your medical history and symptoms. Together, this information will help our providers determine the source of your pain and any underlying conditions that may be attributing to your symptoms. From there, a treatment plan will be formulated to fit your lifestyle.

Our Treatment Methods

We believe in using conservative treatment measures when possible. For this reason, our providers may recommend non-invasive treatments, such as physical therapy or steroid injections, first to determine if your pain and symptoms persist. If non-invasive measures fail to produce the desired results, our providers may recommend a more invasive procedure, such as minimally-invasive surgery or open surgery when deemed medically necessary. Our providers will discuss treatment options with you and assist you in making the best decision for your unique situation.

Learn More

If you are seeking general orthopedic services, we invite you to explore Paris Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and all we have to offer. From our full suite of orthopedic services to our expert providers, we know you will feel right at home with Paris Orthopedics. Contact us today to learn more or request an appointment online. We look forward to working with you.